William Johnson

Anglo-Irish official of the British Empire
English: Sir William Johnson, 1st Baronet (1715 – 1774), Irish pioneer and army officer in colonial New York. British Superintendent of Indian Affairs, 1755 to 1774.
Deutsch: Sir William Johnson (* 1715 in Smithtown, County Meath, Irland; † 11. Juli 1774 in Johnstown, New York) war ein britisch-irischer Händler, Politiker und General in den britischen Kolonien in Nordamerika.
Sir William Johnson, mezzotint engraving, 1765
Sir William Johnson from a plate in The Old New York Frontier by Francis Whiting Halsey, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1901. The caption reads:(From a portrait in the State Library, at Albany, that was copied from an original owned by Sir John Johnson.)
Portrait of Colonel Guy Johnson, Sir William's nephew, by Benjamin West at the National Gallery of Art. A recent biography argues that this is actually a portrait of Sir William Johnson.
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