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one of Nazi Germany's military headquarters during WW2, now in Gierłoż, Kętrzyn, Poland

The Wolfsschanze was one of Adolf Hitler's headquarters during WWII.









1. Office and barracks of Hitler's bodyguardEdit

2. RSD command centerEdit

3. Emergency generatorEdit

4. BunkerEdit

5. Office of Otto Dietrich, Hitler's press secretaryEdit

6. Conference room, site 20 July 1944 assassination attemptEdit

7. RSD command postEdit

8. Guest bunker, temporary Hitler's bunker and air-raid shelterEdit

9. RSD command postEdit

10. Secretariat under Philipp BouhlerEdit

11. Headquarters of Johann Rattenhuber, SS chief of Hitler's security department, and Post OfficeEdit

12. Radio and telex buildingsEdit

13. Vehicle garagesEdit

14. Rail siding for Hitler's TrainEdit

15. CinemaEdit

16. Generator buildingsEdit

17. Quarters of Morell, Bodenschatz, Hewel, Voß, Wolff and FegeleinEdit

18. StoresEdit

19. Residence of Martin Bormann, Hitler's personal secretaryEdit

20. Bormann's personal air-raid shelter for himself and staffEdit

21. Office of Hitler's adjutant and the Wehrmacht's personnel officeEdit

22. Military and staff mess IIEdit

23. Quarters of General Alfred Jodl, Chief of Operations of OKWEdit

24. Firefighting pondEdit

25. Office of the Foreign MinistryEdit

26. Quarters of Fritz Todt, then after his death Albert SpeerEdit

27. RSD command postEdit

28. Air-raid shelter with Flak and MG units on the roofEdit

29. Hitler's bunker air-raid shelter for himselfEdit

29. Military and staff mess IEdit

30. New tearoomEdit

31. Residence of General Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel, supreme commander of OKWEdit

32. Old TeahouseEdit

33. Residence of Reich Marshal Hermann GöringEdit

34. Göring's personal air-raid shelter for himself and staff, with Flak and MG on the roofEdit

35. Offices of the High Command of the Air ForceEdit

36. Offices of the High command of the NavyEdit

37. Bunker with FlakEdit

38. Ketrzyn railway lineEdit

39. OthersEdit

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