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한국어: 육회(肉膾)는 한국 요리에서 회의 일종으로 흔히 채를 친 쇠고기를 익히지 않고, 갖은 양념으로 버무려 먹는 음식이다.
English: Yukhoe refers to a variety of hoe (raw dishes) in Korean cuisine which are usually made from raw ground beef seasoned with various spices or sauces such as soy sauce, sugar, salt, sesame oil, scallion, and ground garlic, sesame seed, black pepper and bae juice (Asian pear in Korean) are used. A raw egg is put on top of the beef, similarly to steak tartare. Hoejeup (Hangul: 회즙), a dipping sauce based on gochujang (chili pepper) is the accompaniment for yukhoe.

Usages in other dishesEdit