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Gallery: Candy & Chocolate
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When I first started taking product pictures for Wikipedia articles I focused on video game hardware. It didn't take me long after that to start seeking out other things to take pictures of and I began a new focus. I'm not sure how I ended up deciding on candy bars, maybe they were just around and I picked one up, but I did and it's grown into my biggest gallery yet. It helps that I can buy a lot of the materials for this gallery cheaply and that I get to eat it afterward.

While the candy bars can be bought (usually) for cheap, I was a bit unprepared for the scope of the gallery when I really started getting into it. Do you know how many different candy manufacturers and candy bars there are? There's an ass ton. And that's not even counting all of the holiday and limited edition variants out there. I've been very lucky so far in my pursuit of candy since New York City has a wealth of specialty shops that I can visit and buy from, but I know that I'll never come close to having a complete or full gallery.

The current needs for this gallery are retakes and rare candy. I've been working on redoing a lot of the older pictures here, which has accounted for most of the recent work. I still have the habit of seeking new and different candy when I'm at stores, so I'm sure there will still be updates from time to time. If anyone from foreign countries knows of local candy that they don't see here, I'm always looking for donations, so please email if you're interested in helping this gallery out.

Hershey BrandsEdit

Hershey Brands

Mars BrandsEdit

Mars Brands

Cadbury BrandsEdit

Cadbury Brands

Nestle BrandsEdit

Nestle Brands

Australian BrandsEdit

Australian Candy Brands

Willy Wonka BrandsEdit

Willy Wonka Brands

Tootsie Roll BrandsEdit

Tootsie Roll Brands

Necco BrandsEdit

Necco Brands

Misc. Candy BrandsEdit

Misc. Candy Brands

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