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Hello! My name (in case you haven't guessed it from my username) is Mike Peel. I'm based in Manchester, where I carry out research in the field of astronomy and astrophysics. As an amateur photographer, I upload photos here under a free license as I enjoy seeing them used both on Wikipedia and elsewhere (both online and offline). If you're using one of my photos, then I only ask for two things: that you follow the Creative Commons license that I've released the image under (which primarily asks that you to attribute me, and that you share any derivative works under the same license); and for you to drop me a message to let me know. My photographs can be found in Category:Photos by Mike Peel.

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Popular photographsEdit

The images below are some of the more popular photographs that I've shared here, along with where they've been used externally from the Wikimedia projects. Please let me know if you've spotted my images being used elsewhere!

Lindow Man 1.jpg

Lindow Man
As this photograph featured on Wikipedia's home page on 26 December 2010, this is probably my most viewed photograph ever. It's used in a bunch of different language Wikipedia articles.

Michael Nielsen.jpg

Michael Nielsen
This photograph was used by the New York Times on 17 January 2012 in their article on "Cracking Open the Scientific Process"

Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin.jpg

Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin
Used in:

  • "Leaving Certificate History of Art" (working title), by Tara Fahey and Siobhán Geoghegan-Treacy, ISBN 978-1-84741-100-6.
Lovell Telescope.jpg

Lovell Telescope
Used in:

Ariane 5 at Cite de l'Espace 5.jpg

Ariane 5
Used in:

Barnes Hospital (April 2008) 2.jpg

Barnes Hospital
Used in:

Colin Pillinger.jpg

Colin Pillinger Used in:

Manchester Old Town Hall Colonnade 2.jpg

Manchester Town Hall Used in:

Royal Institution.jpg

Royal Institution Used in:

Llyn Llydaw from Crib Goch 2.jpg

Llyn Llydaw Used in:

British Sea Power at Jodrell Bank Live 4.jpg

British Sea Power Used in:

Model of Peveril Castle.jpg

Peveril Castle Used in:

Backstage Pass at the British Museum 18.jpg

Used in Wikimedia's fundraising FAQs in 2010-12, and in the WMF's 2009-10 annual report

Cyrus Cylinder.jpg

Cyrus Cylinder
Used in a whole lot of different language Wikipedia articles.

National Museum of Ireland.jpg

National Museum of Ireland
Used in a whole lot of different language Wikipedia articles.


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{{subst:User:Mike Peel/Template
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| camera = 60d200
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