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A Cattleya from my collection

Is a professional Digital Media, Video, & Film producer as well as a International Architectural & Aerial Photographer. Hold's a Single and Multi Engine certification as a private aircraft pilot , and is also considered to be an avid Yachtsmen whom enjoys raising Orchids (Phalaenopsis Cattleya Ludisia & Zygopetalum) as well as Bonsai trees.

Current projects here on the English Wikipedia, include any wiki related to[Flying; Yachting; Yacht Club's; Newport Beach, California; Temples in Thailand; Napa, California;, Boca Raton, Florida; the Islands of Hawaii, Jamaica, & Atlantis Paradise Island & The Bahamas', just to name a few.

I am open to any suggestions for photos in California, Florida, Japan, Thailand, Korea China, Norway, Seattle, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Jamaica...



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