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Steam vehicles in Beamish Museum. For portable engines, i.e. unpowered steam engines towed to work sites, see Beamish Museum: Trailers#Portable engines.


Railway locomotivesEdit

Road rollersEdit

1925 Aveling and Porter No. 11145 "Ayesha" (TN 216)Edit

1931 Fowler No. 18877 "Rambler" (WX 6358)Edit

Traction enginesEdit

1889 Marshall No. 17134 "Mary Margaret" (PY 298)Edit

1919 Clayton & Shuttleworth No. 48215 "Rambler" (PT 1916)Edit

Steam tractorsEdit

1919 Mann No. 1386 "Brinkburn Lass" (U 4943)Edit

1928 Mann No. 1747 (MUP 662)Edit

1929 Foden No. 13218 "Cestria" (BUP 71)Edit

Showmans tractorsEdit

1924 Robey No. 41492 "Bathsheba" (FE 5736)Edit

Showmans road locomotivesEdit

1922 Burrell No. 3909 "Winston Churchill" (NR 965)Edit


1940s Sentinel Lightweight Super No. 1465 (AW 3321)Edit

  • Sentinel Waggon Works No. 1