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Category:Images from MoD uploaded by Fæ

Photographs in this category have been uploaded with the kind continuing cooperation of the Defence Imagery Team within the MoD. The photograph descriptions are created using the MoD API, making best use of their database online at Please contact should you have questions about this batch upload, or need more information on the correspondence with the MoD.

The photographs are uploaded with the original database file name as a suffix after "MOD", this seems to be the most practical number to use as a unique identifier and does help identify non-identical duplicate uploads to Commons. Automated categorization on upload is not currently used, however keywords are available in the description, which may become the basis of a heuristic mapping should there be a consensus for automation and a sufficient body of well categorized uploads to learn from.

For a list of photographs uploaded in the last month, try this catscan report.

Spitfire Fighter Aircraft 'Hot Starting' Engines MOD 45156196.jpg
Spitfire "Hot starting"
RAF Photographic Competition 2013


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