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English: *Files which might be lacking a license, flagged by YiFeiBot as not using any of main-stream license templates. Latest bot run was on 28 September 2021. The files in this category likely had licenses in the past but lost them so the check of the file history might be needed.
  • This category is populated by a bot, but you can find files which should be in this category by using this PetScan query or this Quarry query.
  • Once you fix a license in a file, please remove it from this category. You can use this PetScan query to find the files that can be removed.
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Common reasons why files end up in this category
  1. The file originally had a valid license, but lost it due to vandalism or some editor's mistake. In this case, the original license should be restored.
  2. The license template is embedded in {{Information}}, or a similar template, which is not displayed properly because of {{}} bracket imbalance or some other syntax error. In this case, please fix the wikicode.
  3. The license template is embedded in {{Information}} using a "license" parameter instead of "permission", or using multiple "permission" parameters, and one of them is empty.
  4. A license template is not used, but the license is stated. For example, GNU Free Documentation License, GFDL, or {{tl|GFDL}}, instead of {{GFDL}}.
  5. The license template has a typo, either in the name or the brackets. In this case, please fix the wikicode.
  6. The license template was never added to the image. In this case, one should either add a license, if possible (there is an OTRS ticket, the license is described but no template added, the license can be deduced from other metadata, etc.) or the image should be tagged with {{No license}} template. Some images that never had a license were copied from one of the Wikipedias, but a matching license was not identified. Some of them name the license or the license template but do not use the license template.
  7. The image uses some exotic rarely-seen license which is not written following the standards of most license templates. More specifically its layout is not defined by one of the standard style formatting templates. Please list such templates in the talk page of this category. Some of those might be User custom license tags that do not transclude an actual license template.
  8. Someone blanked the page in an attempt to delete the file.
  9. No reason whatsoever. Occasionally the bot makes "false positives", tagging files with standard valid license tags. Most cases involve unused files with no edits in the past several years.

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