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Bahasa Melayu: Ragbi
Català: Rugbi a 15
Cymraeg: Rygbi'r undeb
Deutsch: Rugby Union
English: Rugby union is an outdoor contact sport played with a prolate spheroid-shaped ball by two teams of 15 players. It is one of the two main codes of rugby football, the other being rugby league. There is also a seven-a-side variant named rugby sevens, which is played under modified rules and with only seven players per team. Rugby union is often referred to as simply rugby, or as football, and in regions where rugby league is played, as union. See Category:Rugby league for league related media.
Euskara: Errugbia
Français: Rugby à XV
Gaeilge: Rugbaí
Gagana Samoa: Lakapi
Gàidhlig: Rugbaidh
Hrvatski: Rugby union
Italiano: Rugby a 15
Latina: Harpastum XV
Lëtzebuergesch: Rugby Union
Magyar: Rögbi
Nederlands: Rugby union
Norsk bokmål: Rugby union
Occitan: Lo rugbi idem rugbi de XV es un espòrt de contactes rufes mas corrèctes jogat a l'aire liure amb una palma ovala per 2 equipas de 15 jogaires.Es un dels dos espòrts eissits d'al fotbòl rugbi que lo rugbi de XIII n'es l'autre.Existís tanben una varianta dicha rugbi de VII, jogada segon de règlas modificadas per 2 equipas de 7 jogaires.Ne ven tot bèl just d'aquesir un novèl estatut en èsser estat causit coma espòrt olimpic pels Jòcs d'estiu de Rio de Janeiro de 2014, que lai tornarà atal lo rugbi dins lo movement olimpic aprèp una abséncia d' als Jòcs d' exactament e precisa, 94 ans (1920).
Polski: Rugby union
Scots: Rugby union
Slovenščina: Rugby
Suomi: Rugby union
Tiếng Việt: Bóng bầu dục
Türkçe: Ragbi birliği
Русский: Регби
मराठी: रग्बी युनियन
한국어: 럭비 유니온
中文: 橄欖球
العربية: اتحاد الرجبي
فارسی: راگبی ۱۵ نفره


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