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See category: Lute guitars. — for Swan neck lute guitar sold as “Nordische Laute” in Germany.

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  • lutes - Swedish lute. ATLAS of Plucked Instruments. "The Swedish lute (locally known as Svenska lutan) is in fact a mixture of a cittern and a lute, with some influence from the English guitar. It was developed mainly by Mathias Kraft from Stockholm, in the second half of the 18th century. Production stopped around 1820, but there is a recent revival of the instrument. The Swedish lute is a kind of theorbed cittern, but with lute-like features : like gut strings, and the strings fixed to a bridge glued to the front ... Most instruments had a special device (a brass thumb-lever) to raise the pitch of all the bass-strings one semitone."
  • Instrument collections - String instruments. Musik- och teatermuseet. "The museum has over 50 Swedish lutes, most of which were made by Petter Mathias Kraft in Stockholm."


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