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Former President of Ireland, Mary Robinson, on Desert Island Discs on 28 July 2013. One of the first files uploaded as part of the project.
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Andy Mabbett is working with the BBC to help them to open licence a selection of audio "snippets" of notable people talking, from certain of their radio programmes. See the BBC blog post launching the project.

Please note that the BBC retains copyright on the full programmes and only excerpts which the BBC have explicitly released under an open licence may be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.


On Saturday, 18 January 2014 the BBC, the Open Knowledge Foundation, Creative Commons UK and the Wikimedia community teamed up to host an open event, "Speakerthon", at New Broadcasting House, London.

Attendees were given access to the Radio 4 permanent audio archive, the tools to take samples of voice recordings and the opportunity to upload them to Wikimedia Commons for inclusion into Wikipedia.

The hashtag for the day was #Speakerthon; please use it on Twitter and Facebook, and tag any images you upload to Flickr, blog posts, etc., as "Speakerthon". If you do blog about the event, please let us know!

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The following Wikipedia articles could usefully be created (please feel free to add to this list):




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Media created on the day, such as pictures of the participants at work, is in:


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