• bugzilla:2581: View image in several resolutions. Resolved Fixed March 2011.
  • bugzilla:2606: Should be possible to delete an image description page without deleting the image. Resolved Worksforme November 2011 (as covered by RevisionDeletion, though deleter may need to create a new good revision if there isn't one already).
  • bugzilla:6579: This will allow images to be protected while the image description page is still editable. Resolved Fixed February 2010.

Image rendering problemsEdit

  • bugzilla:2888: Broken thumbnails being generated. This is especially a problem for PNGs and "progressive JPGs". Brion states: It's not the compressed size, it's the *uncompressed* size. X pixels times Y pixels times Z color depth == lots of memory. There is a 12.5mb "hard limit" for PNGs. If you have a very large file that doesn't show properly on its image page, in a gallery or category, but when you click through to the original it's fine, this could well be the bug. To force ImageMagick to redraw the thumbnail, Use ?action=purge on the image page. (If it's a Commons image, do that ON COMMONS.) You may have to do this several times. If you have a problem with SVG thumbnails that you created using Adobe Illustrator, this might be the problem. If the image is simply extremely large, uploading a "thumbnail" that rendered correctly is another way to solve this. declared fixed
  • bugzilla:4702: Parameterized SVGs. All the images are nearly identical except for the number printed on them. If converted to SVGs, the only difference from one image to another would be the content of a single text tag (assuming the appropriate font is embedded if necessary)... [These could] be supported by a scheme which allows users to supply parameters to SVGs using much the same syntax they use to supply them to templates. Merged to bugzilla:5899, which resolved "fixed" based on an open source SVG editor.
  • bugzilla:5163: SVG Renderer. Errors in SVG rendering. fixed
  • Bugzilla:5325: Broken rendering of arrows in SVG. Possible duplicate of the previous bug. fixed
  • bugzilla:6672: EXIF orientation not used. Flickr and many common image editing software programs automatically orient images according to the metadata "Orientation". MediaWiki doesn't use this metadata to determine orientation. fixed - creating issue with many files rotated before upload without EXIF data being changed to match... (Commons:Rotation)


  • bugzilla:1211: Subcategory paging is not separate from article paging. This is a problem for very large categories (>200 members). Although you expect that all subcategories will list on the first page (if not all pages), the subcategories instead "spread out" over all the pages of the category. For example, Category:GFDL is an extremely large category. The CategoryTree shows that it has over 10 subcategories, yet only one appears on the first page. Work-arounds: Use the CatScan and CategoryTree tools. Resolved Fixed September 2010.
  • bugzilla:3834: Number of articles in subcategories known and showed on category page? fixed, via Extension:CategoryTree.
  • bugzilla:8261: Install DynamicPageList2 (DPL) for Commons. Workaround for bugzilla:1710. merged to bugzilla:1710
  • bugzilla:21822 - Define new "magic word" {{MEDIAINCATEGORY:categoryname}} - now available as {{PAGESINCATEGORY:categoryname|files}} - see m:Help:Magic words#Statistics.