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This page lists the various ways to access Wikimedia Commons content via "web feeds", often called "RSS" after the original web feed format. Feeds are available in RSS and Atom formats; if you are not sure which to use, use Atom.

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Category-specific feedsEdit

  •   On a category page, look for the "RSS feed" in the Toolbox on the left

User-specific feedsEdit

  •   Atom feed for a user's contributions: go to Special:Contributions and type a username, press Search, then click "Atom" in the Toolbox on the left
  •   Atom feed for your own watchlist: go to Special:Watchlist and click "Atom" in the Toolbox on the left


Page historyEdit

  •   On a revision history page, look for the "Atom" link in the Toolbox on the left.
    • Replacing feed=atom with feed=rss in the address bar will return the feed in RSS format.

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