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This page contains text copied from Wikipedia:Syndication, because a quick search for RSS wrt Help:Watchlist on commons, meta, and MediaWikiWiki ended in a resounding nothing and required the help of Googlebot. The CC-BY-SA license on WikiMedia projects including Wikipedia does not allow to export this info as is to the CC0 MediaWikiWiki help pages.


You can monitor your watchlist also via RSS feed when logged in. You can set up an RSS or Atom feed of your watchlist that is accessible even when logged out:[1]

  1. Go to Special:Preferences
  2. Click the "Watchlist" tab
  3. Make up a token, or copy and paste the "randomly-generated value" into the "Watchlist token" box
  4. Click "Save"
  5. Your watchlist RSS feed can be found at, where USERNAME is your username without the User: prefix and TOKEN is the watchlist token you saved in your preferences. If you would prefer an Atom feed rather than an RSS one, add "&feedformat=atom" to the Link of your feed.

Similar to your watchlist on Wikipedia, the feed of your watchlist could be customized. Therefore you have to add different parameters to the link of your feed, see documentation on Mediawiki.

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