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This page is a translated version of a page Commons:First steps and the translation is 100% complete. Changes to the translation template, respectively the source language can be submitted through Commons:First steps and have to be approved by a translation administrator.

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Pittin picturs oan Wkikmedia

Ae guide tae contreebutin content tae Wikimedia Commons

What's Wikimedia Commons?

Wi tens o millions o files, Wikimedia Commons is yin o the mucklest oanline repositries o media files. Bigit fae the wirks shaird bi thoosanns o volunteers, Commons hosts educational eemages, videos, n audio files that ar uised bi Wikipaedia n the ither projects o the nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation. Aw o the wirks oan Commons ar under ae “free license.” That means thay can be uised n shaird bi oniebodie, fer free, jist follae the license rules – n ye normalie hae tae creedit the author n preserv the license sae that ithers can re-share the wirk n aw.

The hame page o Wikimedia Commons

Why contreebute tae Wikimedia Commons?

Imageene ae warld whaur in ilka single bodie can freelie shair in the sum o aw knawledge. Yer contreebutions can be ae pairt o that. Whan ye shair yer eemages n ither files oan Commons n illustrate Wikipædia airticles wi thaim, yer waurk micht be seen bi thoosands – or een hunners o thoosanns – o fawk aw ower the yird. N ye'r halpin tae big ae common resoorce that reaches aen een wider audience; media fae Commons is uised bi educational wabsteids, news media, bloggers, airtists, filmmakers, students, teachers, n monie ither fawk.

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Wikimedia Commons?

Stert oan the tutorial