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Fourth Annual Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year

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Winners in Category Objects, outer space and miscellaneous

Category - Objects, outer space and miscellaneous

Bois du Cazier 2.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
#1 – 46 votes in Round 1;
Bois du Cazier, a ruin of a colliery in Marcinelle, Charleroi, Belgium. (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Lviatour Luc Viatour .

Middelgrunden wind farm 2009-07-01 edit filtered.jpg
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#2 – 43 votes in Round 1;
Middelgrunden offshore wind farm (40 MW) in the Øresund, 3.5 km outside Copenhagen, Denmark. (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Slaunger, Kim Hansen
Postprocessing by Richard Bartz and Kim Hansen. .

POTY ribbon 2009.svg
#3 – 38 votes in Round 1;
A shell casing flies out with a trail of smoke as U.S. Army Pfc. Michael Freise fires an M-4 rifle (POTD)
Credit: DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Suzanne M. Day, U.S. Air Force. .

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