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Commons:WikiProject Arts/Quality control
Deutsch: Qualitätssicherung

Mission: Quality control of art related files

Status quoEdit

First of all, we provide a good base of art work represented within the internet in quantity terms but the quality (file description, image size, categories, galleries) is sometimes not what is to be expected and what is possible. We can do better than that! Some folks just upload files with minimal information ("PD-Art and that's it")... So we have

  • images with little to none information (>1,000), most are even lacking information about the decade/year of production
  • 10,000s of unformatted files, some are even lacking {{Information}}. Note: {{Painting}} supersedes {{Information}}.
  • Lack of sufficient categorization ("hidden files") or bad entries in categories
  • Transwiki work is needed, esp. from en.


Regarding individual filesEdit

  • Provide information about the
    • location
      • institutional: museums, churches, art galleries, etc. high priority Note: if used {{Artwork}}: Insert just the clear name |gallery=FOO and the appropriate templates {{Institution}} or {{Museum}} are inserted automatically (not seen in the edit mode though).
      • geographical: city, town, etc. medium priority
    • title of artwork at least in the original language (the one that the artist had once chosen) high priority use {{title}} {{title|FOO}}
    • time (year, decade, century), art period, and movement medium priority
    • Internationalization, at least in English medium priority
  • Category assignments (add or check) high priority see also Category scheme development
    • motifs
    • genre
    • shape
    • time of production
    • art period and/or movement
    • associations
    • technique
    • sources
    • artists and/or groups (brotherhoods etc.)
    • gallery location etc.
    • maintenance related content
    • sort categories[1]
    • "you name it"
  • Complete the text content: Information which is provied by categories should appear in the text and vice versa low priority
  • Implementation of
    • {{Painting}} medium priority
    • {{technique}} e.g. {{technique|oil|canvas}} or {{technique|oil|panel}} medium priority
    • {{Size}} converter low priority
    • {{Creator}} low priority
    • {{Translation table}} low priority
    • Official external links (add or check) low priority
    • Interwiki links (add or check) — galleries and categories only — GlobalUsage low priority
    • etc.


  • Upload of files
  • ...


  • Establish a Manual of style („ʘ“: to be created in a sub-page)
    • file descriptions
    • galleries (museums, motifs, œuvres, etc.)
    • ...

Improvements of file descriptions and categorizationEdit

Image descriptionsEdit

„A“ —„F“: American school grade system

Images of the following categories are in need of attention regarding the description and categorization (worst roughly listet first):

Do somethingEdit

General issuesEdit


  • User:Mattes will check images from PD-Art (Yorck Project) ∩ 15-&16th-century paintings: allocate/deallocate categories, sort the order of categories, simple formatting issues (not implementing {{Artwork}}), rename highly inadequate file names (wrong, misleading or unuseful) and create categories of pieces of art (if 5 or more members are possible). Duration: November 2012 to March 2013. Audit example

Image qualityEdit

Individual images may be

  • improved by the user who detects bad quality images (overwrite or upload a new file), or
  • presented to labs

among others


  1. as above. Basic scheme:
    1. artist
    2. motif
    3. time
    4. location
    5. misc.
    example: File:Jan Brueghel the Elder-Jonas entsteigt dem Rachen des Walfisches.JPG — really not important right now

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