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Wiki Loves Love

ويكي تهوى الحب, উইকি লাভস লাভ, Wiki Loves Love, Vikio amas amon, Wiki ama o amor, विकी लव्स लव, Вікі любіць любоў, Вики сөюне ярата, Вікі любить любов, Wiki nife ife, ویکی محبوب محبت, 维基-爱情之念, ویکی دوستدار عشق

Project CoordinatorsEdit

Communication TeamEdit

  • Lead Designer - Alicepx
  • Facebook and Twitter Handle – Sai Sumanth
  • Paid campaign – Wikilover90
  • Instagram - Tiven2240

Community Promotion TeamEdit

Advisory BoardEdit

  • KCVelaga: For planning, logistics and finances
  • Titodutta Offline Event Co-ordinator and program designing

Tech TeamEdit

  • Technical Officer – Romaine ( Central Upload & Upload Wizard (including related templates) & contest categories scheme)
  • Maintenance & MediaWiki-Config – Chico & Jay Prakash
  • Templates and Filters – Tiven2240
  • Website - Tiven2240, Akashsalla14, Alice, Wikilover90.

Finance and Prize Co-ordination TeamEdit

  • Sparrow (麻雀) Finance & Prize Co-ordinator: Coordinating global Prize distribution, and ensure the successful delivery

Categorization on CommonsEdit

The categorisation of images to deeper thematic categories. Uploaded images are added to Category:Images from Wiki Loves Love 2019 to check and need to be checked for a few things, including categorisation by topic. When this is done, this check category may be removed.

Image Filter and Sub-CategorizationEdit

Team that would sort out the images that are relevant to the contest and leave out the ones that are out of scope for our jury.


Pre-Jury & Co-ordinationEdit