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This page is to exchange some best practices between national organizers. This is not a discussion page (if you disagree with someone, please take it to the talk page), but feel free to add alternative views as each country will experience it differently. Feel free to link to resources elsewhere, also if it's in languages other than English.

General resourcesEdit

Communications: Tips for participantsEdit


Organizing online activitiesEdit


Organizing offline activitiesEdit


Alternative timelineEdit

This year there is the opportunity to choose an alternative timeline. If you choose any month other than September, please make sure that you check that your chosen dates do not overlap with the fundraising schedule in your country. See Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2021/Organise#2021_Timeline for more details.

Funding optionsEdit

Rapid Grants/Funds from the Wikimedia FoundationEdit

Rapid Grants from the Wikimedia Foundation offer funding between $500-$2000 USD for individuals and organizations for activities and projects that benefits Wikimedia projects or the communities that support them. Contests under the Wiki Loves Monuments campaign are generally eligible for funding. Please carefully review the eligibility and funding guidelines before submitting your application. Please note that the Wikimedia Foundation is not currently funding any in-person events or activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the pandemic, the categories of expenses that you can request funding for, have been expanded. Check out meta:Grants:Project/Rapid/Apply for more information.

What can you apply for
Group travel is also not eligible for funding, and individual travel may be permitted in some circumstances at the discretion of the Program Officer. Meetings should generally be held online rather than in-person.
When to apply?
Normally, applications are due in July. This year, the timeline is more flexible. You can apply in any month, between the first and fifteenth day of that month. Suggested application date is 1 - 1,5 month before the start of your national competition. Make sure to submit any due reports from past grants, before your application.
More details at Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2021/Organise#Funding.
Questions about the program or your application can be directed at rapidgrants

Micro-grants from the International TeamEdit

The Wiki Loves Monuments International Team will be offering microgrants in the range of USD $300-$500, with a very lightweight application process. These grants are available to countries participating for the first time in the competition or countries with new organizing teams, or organizing teams who do not have funding from any other source (such WMF, Wikimedia affiliates). The micro-grants are intended to support modest prizes and any outreach activities such as photo walks and award ceremonies. If you are interested in applying for a micro-grant, please contact Krishna along with the following details:

  • Wikimedia username and full legal name of the person handling the micro-grant
  • Country in which WLM is being organized
  • Links to the contest pages on Wikimedia Commons
  • Budget along with a breakdown
  • Brief explanation demonstrating the need for a micro-grant (max: 300 words)
  • Preferred mode of payment: reimbursement (recommended) or advance payment

Please note that all grantees are expected to submit receipts or invoices wherever applicable.