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Empty categoriesEdit

Often I notice cases that empty categories are deleted without consideration even though they are useful and don't fall really under the criteron 1 of Criteria for speedy deletion (test page, accidental creation, or page containing nonsense or no valid content).

Unfortunately, MediaWiki doesn't enable to track why the category is empty and where its possible previous content disappears. The admin can also not know who plans to fill the category by any content. Even that category's categorization, description and internal and inteproject links can be a "valid content" and relevant useful information, even though the category is empty at the moment. Empty categories should not be deleted mechanically as they represent a real and relevant item and are properly described, linked or categorized and its exceptable they will be used sometime.

I propose to correct the policy in these points:

General: speedy deletion, pages:

  • current: A category with no content or containing only a parent category
  • proposed: An empty category, if it is probably unusable or deserted (see below)


current text:

Categories that are empty because all of the files they included were deleted or moved can generally be deleted as well and are to be tagged by preference with the template {{bad name|new name}} so that the deletion summary contains a click-able link to the better category name. If the new name is unknown, the categories can be tagged with {{emptypage}}. Please do not blank categories as this generally needs more checking work to avoid vandalism or needless emptying of categories.

replace with:

Empty category (containing no files, subcategories and categories) should be treated according its usefulness:

  • if it has senseless or unsystematic name or represents an irrelevant or nonsense item, or is not probable it will be ever used, apply {{speedy delete}} or {{SDG1}}
  • if it was deserted probably because the content was moved to a duplicate or new category of identic item, apply {{bad name|new name}} or {{Category redirect}} if useful

Do not delete an empty category, as it represents a real and relevant item and is correctly named, especially if it:

  • contains {{Category redirect}} or similar one
  • contains valuable description, categorization or links or is joined to corresponding Wikidata item or has relevant interwiki links, or is probably a target of incoming links from articles, lists etc. (e.g. Wiki Loves Monument lists etc.) or was created recently by possible uploader – {{Systematic header}} can be applied for its protection until the category is used
  • is intended for useful maintenance purposes (pages and files with errors, or with {{Unidentified header}} etc.)

--ŠJů (talk) 16:52, 11 August 2016 (UTC)

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