User Messages is a gadget which provides links to easily leave standardised messages for users via common message templates. It provides a number of links in the Toolbox when visiting a user's talk page. The gadget is activated by visiting Preferences and ticking the "User Messages" box. The script itself can be found at MediaWiki:Gadget-UserMessages.js.

What's that ?Edit

AxUserMsg adds a "Notify this user" toolbox-link. Clicking this link will allow you to simply add templates from a selection dialog to the user's talk page.

What has been improved?Edit

  • More convenient editing. Who knows the old method which was using browsers navigation to "fake" an edit, will be convinced.
  • No double-adding of messages when you click on the back-button like the old script did.
  • Adding template is slightly faster. Using Load-On-Demand to speed-up your page-loading.
  • No cluttering of your toolbox. Only one link with full functionality.
  • Namespace auto-detection. You can fill in files and users with or without namespace - as you prefer.
  • No modal dialog boxes preventing tab-switching during execution.
  • Improved summaries, which often are addressed to the user you are talking to, now.
  • Don't talk to users who do not exist. Your input will be checked.
  • Closing a security-vulnerability, the old script had. Example (works only for those who have installed) of a prepared link.
  • Instant preview container. Did you select the tag you wanted to? Did you format your text correct? - You'll see it.


First select the tag to insert
Then, insert the required fields

Developing and finding and fixing BugsEdit


Custom settingsEdit

To either your common.js or skin.jsEdit

To specify a pre-selected/ default tag, add e.g.

window.AxUserMsgPreSelect = 5; // For registered users, selects "Please tag images"
window.AxUserMsgPreSelectIP = 13; // For IPs, selects "No sandboxing"

to your common.js.

List of possible values: see right side.

If you prefer to clutter your toolbox like the old script did, add

window.installOldLinks = true;

To restore the behavior of immediately firing a message after clicking a link (and install the old links), add

window.AxUserMsgFireAsYouClick = true;

You can customize the default-user-additional-talk-note:

window.AxUserMsgCustomText = 'Sincerely -+-';

To disable the instant-preview, add

window.AxUserMsgNoParse = true;

In order to disable the filter-box and get a light-weight select control, add

window.AxUserMsgUseSelect = true;

If you just want to set the maximum-list-items provided by the filter-box, add

window.AxUserMsgMaxSelect = 10;

To add custom tags, use the following sytax:

$(document).bind('scriptLoaded', function(evt, st, o) {
	if (st) {
		if ('AxUserMsg' === st && o) {
			o.umTemplate.push(['Template', "Display", "Summary and display", number-Type, "talk-Summary"]);
			// Example
			o.umTemplate.push(['Nopenis', "No penises", "Commons doesn't need excessive amount of images depicting genitalia", 128]);
  • Template: The template that will be substituted
  • Display: The link to display in the tool-box (if enabled) and in the select
  • Summary and display: This text is used as a summary if the optional summary param (below is not used)
  • number-Type: Combinations like this possible: (1|2|16)
    • 1: Media query
    • 2: Username required
    • 4: Media must filled in
    • 8: Add Namespace
    • 16: universal parameter 1
    • 32: universal parameter 2
    • 64: Message for IP only
    • 128: Message for logged in users only
  • talk-Summary: This parameter is optional.

To either your common.css or skin.cssEdit

To hide the edit-summary, add

#umSummaryWrapper { display:none; };