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What does it do?Edit

VIAFDataImporter is tool creating a pop-up dialog box which allows you to search VIAF database for Authority control data related to the person or institution and automatically add the results as {{Authority control}} template to categories, galleries, {{Creator}} or {{Institution}} templates.

How do I install it?Edit

Go to:

Check VIAFDataImporter box.

How do I use it?Edit

{{Authority control}} templates are mostly used to uniquely identify people; however they can also be used with institutions, corporations, and possibly other. {{Authority control}} are usually added to {{Creator}} and {{Institution}} templates, but they can also be added to categories and galleries, without those templates. Follow the steps below to add {{Authority control}} template.

Screenshot Explanation
  Find and click Add authority control link in the bottom left corner. It should be visible on gallery, category, creator and institution pages.
  Pop-up dialog box opens up displaying various records found in the database. Click the   icon next to the first record. When adding authority control to pages related to people, please make sure you have the right person by matching dates of birth and death or other data.
    icon changes to   and proposed {{Authority control}} template filled with data from VIAF database is displayed together with its output. At this stage changes can be rejected or modified. Once you are satisfied press Update Authority Control Information button to save the changes.
  After pressing Update Authority Control Information button, {{Authority control}} template is added to the page, Difference between revisions screen is displayed together with the final version of the template.

Who wrote this script?Edit

This script was written by User:Inductiveload, originally for WikiSource, but then modified for purposes of Commons.

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