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Melakarta ragams (svg)

Notes of the Melakarta ragams in Carnatic music shown in a keyboard layout. This gallery shows the SVG format images.

In these images C is used as Shadjam for simplicity sake only. In Carnatic music any note can be the tonic note (sruti), which is taken as Shadjam note.

Each chakra (group) consists of 6 ragams.

For Tamil script equivalent illustrations, see மேளகர்த்தா இராகங்கள் gallery.


Indu ChakraEdit

Netra ChakraEdit

Agni ChakraEdit

Veda ChakraEdit

Bana ChakraEdit

Ritu ChakraEdit

Rishi ChakraEdit

Vasu ChakraEdit

Brahma ChakraEdit

Disi ChakraEdit

Rudra ChakraEdit

Aditya ChakraEdit

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(Tamil - இவற்றையும் பார்க்கவும்)

English - Janya ragam scales (derived ragam scales)

Tamil - ஜன்னிய இராகங்களின் படிம்ங்கள்