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Usage example:

== {{Assessment}} ==
   |enwiki-nom=Nomination name <!-- Links to Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates/Nomination name -->


1 - Featured picture on that project
2 - Former featured picture on that project
3 - Featured sound on that project
4 - Former featured sound on that project

(True for all parameters except wallpaper, POTY and POTD.)

If 1 is a valid parameter, 2 is always valid too. The same is true for 3 and 4.

For XXwiki parameters there is an additional parameter XXwiki-nom that can provide the nomination page (if it doesn't follow the standard scheme. For instance, enwiki-nom=Wikipedia:Feature picture candidates/Nomination name

A simpler method is to use subpage for commons, or enwiki-nom for English wikipedia. Format:

com-nom=Bar.jpg [Links to Commons:Featured picture candidates/File:Bar.jpg or Commons:Featured picture candidates/Image:Bar.jpg].

For sets:

com-nom=Bar [Links to Commons:Featured picture candidates/Set/Bar]

enwiki-nom=Nomination name [Links to Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates/Nomination name (on the English Wikipedia)]


com-nom works similarly to XXwiki-nom, but has some very specific restrictions. It will ONLY work for nominations whose pagenames begin one of "Commons:Featured picture candidates/Image:", "Commons:Featured picture candidates/File:", or, for set nominations, "Commons:Featured picture candidates/Set/". If the nomination does not fit one of these patterns, it should be moved to the standardised location.

For former featured pictures, it expects one of these formats: "Commons:Featured picture candidates/removal/File:", "Commons:Featured picture candidates/removal/Image:", "Commons:Featured picture candidates/removal/Set:", as well as the legacy "Commons:Featured pictures candidates/removal/Image:"

To handle delist-and-replace noms, it can also link to a nomination page of the format "Commons:Featured picture candidates/File:" - this should be the page that promoted the file that replaced the image in question.

For nominations of the format: Use com-nom this way:
Commons:Featured picture candidates/Image:Foobar.jpg
Commons:Featured picture candidates/File:Foobar.jpg
Commons:Featured picture candidates/Set/Foobar
Commons:Featured picture candidates/Set/Foobar
Anything else Move the nomination page so it fits one of the patterns listed above.


The scope of the nomination (as copied from the scope parameter in {{VIC}} template of the associated Valued images candidate page).
Because valued images are those that are the most valuable of their kind, val-cat is always mandatory if valued=1 is used.


val-nom works similarly to com-nom, but it will ONLY work for nominations whose pagenames begin with "Commons:Valued image candidates/". If the nomination does not fit this pattern, it should be moved to the standardised location.

For nominations of the format: Use val-nom this way:
Commons:Valued image candidates/Foobar.jpg
Anything else Move the nomination page so it fits one of the patterns listed above.

Process Parameter Value
Commons only parameters
FP, FS featured 1
You can change the nomination subpage using xxwiki-nom=Xxx
Other Commons parameters with less support in the poll about this template
QI quality 1
- wallpaper
1 - Regular wallpaper
2 - Widescreen wallpaper
1 - First place
2 - Second place
3 - Third place
f - Finalist
c - Candidate (do not use. All FP's of that year are automatically candidates)
The value passed is the POTY year.
1 - Picture of the day (POTD) - beta, don't use
2 - Media of the day (MOTD) - unimplemented
  • POTDday
  • POTDmonth
  • POTDyear
  • Day of POTD/MOTD
  • Month of POTD/MOTD
  • Year of POTD/MOTD
VI valued 1
Parameter Value
Non-Commons parameters
arwiki 1
azwiki 1
bnwiki 1
cawiki 1
cswiki 1
dewiki 1
enwiki 1
eswiki 1
fawiki 1
gawiki 1
hewiki 1
hiwiki 1
hrwiki 1
huwiki 1
idwiki 1
jawiki 1
kkwiki 1
mlwiki 1
mswiki 1
rowiki 1
plwiki 1
slwiki 1
svwiki 1
trwiki 1
viwiki 1
zhwiki 1
zh-yuewiki 1


To create a new language version of this template, create a new subpage and use this code:

|text=This {{#ifeq: {{{stat|{{{9|}}}}}} | former | formerly was | is }} a {{#switch: {{{type|{{{3|}}}}}} |FS=featured sound|FP|#default=featured picture}} on {{#switch: {{{project|{{{2|}}}}}} 
|ws={{#language:{{{lang|{{{1|}}}}}}}} Wikisource
|wp={{#language:{{{lang|{{{1|}}}}}}}} Wikipedia
|wn={{#language:{{{lang|{{{1|}}}}}}}} Wikinews
|wv={{#language:{{{lang|{{{1|}}}}}}}} Wikiversity
|wikt={{#language:{{{lang|{{{1|}}}}}}}} Wiktionary
|wq={{#language:{{{lang|{{{1|}}}}}}}} Wikiquote
|wb={{#language:{{{lang|{{{1|}}}}}}}} Wikibooks
|#default=Wikimedia Commons
}} ([[{{{prefix|{{{8|}}}}}}:{{{namespace|{{{5|}}}}}}:{{{name|{{{4|}}}}}}|{{{name|{{{4|}}}}}}]]) and {{#ifeq: {{{stat|{{{9|}}}}}} | former | was | is }} [[{{{prefix|{{{8|}}}}}}:{{{nomination|{{{6|}}}}}}|considered]] one of the finest {{#switch: {{{type|{{{3|}}}}}} |FS=sound files|FP|#default=images}}.<!-- 
{{#ifeq: {{{stat|{{{9|}}}}}} | former |  | <br />If you have {{#switch: {{{type|{{{3|}}}}}} |FS=a sound file|FP|#default=an image}} of similar quality that can be published under a [[Commons:Licensing|suitable copyright license]], be sure to upload it, [[Commons:Copyright tags|tag it]], and [[{{{prefix|{{{8|}}}}}}:{{{nominations|{{{7|}}}}}}|nominate it]]. }} -->

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