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Template:Category definition: Object

Object type
Depicted people
Depicted place
Depicted part
Current location
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Place of creation
Place of discovery
Object history
Exhibition history
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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Category definition: Object/doc.

Template that provides information about a single object. It is called by {{object photo}}, and should be wrapped in <onlyinclude></onlyinclude>. The template is identical to {{Artwork}} with the only difference that this one does not display missing source warnings.


{{Category definition: Object
 |image =
 |object type =
 |artist =
 |title =
 |description =
 |date =
 |dimensions =
 |medium =
 |inscriptions =
 |object history =
 |institution =
 |department =
 |accession number =
 |place of creation =
 |notes =
 |references =
 |wikidata =

Template parameters

imageimage of the object (preferably a good quality image of the whole object, use the valued image if there is one)emptyrequired
object typetype of object (relies on translation:Objects)emptyoptional
artistcreator of the object (use a creator template when possible)emptyoptional
titletitle or very short description of the object (use template:title to format it)emptyoptional
descriptionshort description of the object providing any kind of relevant informationemptyoptional
datedate of creation (in ISO format when possible, else try template:other date)emptyoptional
dimensionssize (or weight) of the object. use template:size (or template:weight)emptyoptional
mediummedium, technique, material of the object (use template:technique when possible)emptyoptional
inscriptionsdescription of: inscriptions, watermarks, captions, coats of arm, etc. Use {{inscription}}emptyoptional
object historyprovenance (history of artwork ownership). Use {{ProvenanceEvent}}, {{Discovered}} and other similar templates.emptyoptional
institutionmuseum, gallery etc. where the object currently is (use template:private collection for objects in private collections, else use an institution template when available)emptyoptional
departmentlocation within the institutionemptyoptional
accession numberaccession numberemptyoptional
place of creationplace of creationemptyoptional
notesadditional information about the object and its historyemptyoptional
referencesany authoritative book or website describing the object (you can use catalogue templates and/or Category:Museum database templates)emptyoptional
wikidataQ-number IDemptyoptional

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: the Category namespace

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