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Add {{disputed diagram|why}} to the top of the disputed diagram, replacing "why" with your reason. To specify the talk page section for discussion other than “Disputed” (default), use {{disputed diagram|why|talk page section name}}.

This template will categorize articles into Category:Disputed diagrams.

See alsoEdit

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Disputed / inaccurate:
Disputed / something missing:
  • {{Clarify}} – an in-line template
  • {{Lacking insignia source}}insignia
  • {{References missing}}generally for files where the description or depiction needs references
  • {{No source since}}deletion warning for missing essential source information
  • {{Sourcefield}} - produces a warning that a file appears to have an invalid entry in its "Source" parameter; for use on user talk pages, not file pages; less serious than the {{No source since}} warning; does not threaten deletion
Fictional (consciously):