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This documentation is transcluded from Template:IUCN/Risk level/doc.

Called by {{IUCN}} to translates 'the different IUCN risk levels (EX, EN, VU...)' (Singular, First character uppercase, without link) into the reader's language. Please add translations to Template:IUCN/Risk level (+/−)
(Note: If you want to check or improve all biology translations in your language, you should go to Biology internationalization templates).
For your language the translation is:
  • EX: Extinct
  • PEW: Possibly Extinct in the Wild
  • PE: Possibly Extinct
  • NE: Not Evaluated
  • DD: Data Deficient
  • EW: Extinct In The Wild
  • CR: Critically endangered
  • EN: Endangered
  • VU: Vulnerable
  • CD: Conservation Dependent
  • NT: Near Threatened
  • LC: Least Concern

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