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Biology internationalization templates

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This page allows to check the translations of all the templates used in Biology.

  • Step 1: Choose your language at the top of the page.
  • Step 2: Check all the translations in the column "Result for your language"
  • Step 3: If you want to modify or add a translation, click on +/- in the column "How to modify"

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Template Subtemplate Sin/Plu Plural/Singular wikidata
How to
Result for your language
{{Autonym (botany)}} {{Autonym (botany)/title}} Singular FirstCharUppercase Q1837887 +/− Autonym
{{Bas}},{{LanSwBasionym}} {{Bas/title}} Singular FirstCharUppercase Q810198 +/− Basionym
{{Breeding plumage}} Singular Lowercase +/− breeding plumage
{{Invalid taxon category redirect}} {{Invalid taxon category redirect/i18n}} - FirstCharUppercase +/− Biology internationalization templates is an invalid taxon whose members are now placed in [[:Category:|]]
{{Monotypic taxon category redirect}} {{Monotypic taxon category redirect/i18n}} - FirstCharUppercase +/− {{{father}}} is monotypic and contains only {{{child}}}
{{Synonym taxon category redirect}} {{Synonym taxon category redirect/i18n}} - FirstCharUppercase +/− Biology internationalization templates is a synonym of [[:Category:|]].
(ThePreferredTaxonName is preferred)
{{Cultivar}} {{Cultivar/title}} Singular FirstCharUppercase Q4886 +/− Cultivar
{{Eclipse plumage}} Singular Lowercase +/− eclipse plumage
{{Egg}} Singular FirstCharUppercase Q17147 +/− Egg
{{Fohy}},{{Cultivar}} {{Fohy/title}} Singular FirstCharUppercase +/− Formula hybridae:
{{IUCN}} {{IUCN/label}} AllUppercase +/− IUCN
{{IUCN}} {{IUCN/Risk level}} FirstCharUppercase +/−

EX: Extinct
PEW: Possibly Extinct in the Wild
PE: Possibly Extinct
NE: Not Evaluated
DD: Data Deficient
EW: Extinct In The Wild
CR: Critically endangered
EN: Endangered
VU: Vulnerable
CD: Conservation Dependent
NT: Near Threatened
LC: Least Concern

{{Female}} Singular FirstCharUppercase +/− Female
{{Juvenile}} Singular Lowercase +/− juvenile, juvenile
{{LanSwBuds}} {{LanSwBuds/title}} Plural FirstCharUppercase +/− Buds, Buds
{{LanSwDistribution}} {{LanSwDistribution/title}} Plural FirstCharUppercase +/− Native distribution areas
{{LanSwFlowers}} {{LanSwFlowers/title}} Plural FirstCharUppercase +/− Flowers, Flowers
{{LanSwFruits}} {{LanSwFruits/title}} Plural FirstCharUppercase +/− Capsules (fruit), Capsules (fruit)
{{LanSwGenus}} {{LanSwGenus/title}} Singular FirstCharUppercase Q34740 +/− Genus, Genus
{{LanSwGenusPlural}} {{LanSwGenusPlural/title}} Plural FirstCharUppercase +/− Genera, Genera
{{LanSwHabitat}} {{LanSwHabitat/title}} Singular FirstCharUppercase +/− Natural habitats, Natural habitats
{{LanSwHeterotypic}} {{LanSwHeterotypic/title}} Plural FirstCharUppercase +/− Heterotypic synonyms
{{LanSwHomotypic}} {{LanSwHomotypic/title}} Plural FirstCharUppercase +/− Homotypic synonyms
{{LanSwIllustrations}} {{LanSwIllustrations/title}} Plural FirstCharUppercase +/− Botanical illustrations
{{LanSwInflorescences}} {{LanSwInflorescences/title}} Plural FirstCharUppercase +/− Inflorescences, Inflorescences
{{LanSwInfructescences}} {{LanSwInfructescences/title}} Plural FirstCharUppercase +/− Infructescences, Infructescences
{{LanSwLeaves}} {{LanSwLeaves/title}} Plural FirstCharUppercase +/− Leaves, Leaves
{{LanSwPollinium}} {{LanSwPollinium/title}} Singular FirstCharUppercase Q279513 +/− Pollinium, Pollinium
{{LanSwPollinia}} {{LanSwPollinia/title}} Plural FirstCharUppercase +/− Pollinia, Pollinia
{{LanSwPseudoBulbs}} {{LanSwPseudoBulbs/title}} Plural FirstCharUppercase +/− Pseudobulbs
{{LanSwRef}} {{LanSwRef/title}} Plural FirstCharUppercase +/− References
{{LanSwRefBiblio}} {{LanSwRefBiblio/title}} Singular FirstCharUppercase +/− Selected Bibliography
{{LanSwRefFirst}} {{LanSwRefFirst/title}} Singular FirstCharUppercase +/− Description of taxon, Description of taxon
{{LanSwRefLinks}} {{LanSwRefLinks/title}} Plural FirstCharUppercase +/− Selected Weblinks
{{LanSwRoots}} {{LanSwRoots/title}} Plural FirstCharUppercase +/− Roots, Roots
{{LanSwSeeds}} {{LanSwSeeds/title}} Plural FirstCharUppercase +/− Seeds, Seeds
{{LanSwSpecies}} {{LanSwSpecies/title}} Singular FirstCharUppercase Q7432 +/− Species
{{LanSwSpeciesPlural}} {{LanSwSpeciesPlural/title}} Plural FirstCharUppercase +/− Species, Species
{{LanSwTubers}} {{LanSwTubers/title}} Plural FirstCharUppercase +/− Root tubers, Root tubers
{{LanSwWholePlants}} {{LanSwWholePlants/title}} Plural FirstCharUppercase +/− Images of the whole plant
{{Male}} Singular FirstCharUppercase +/− Male
{{More than one species}} Plural FirstCharUppercase +/− More than one species
{{Moty}} {{Moty/title}} Singular FirstCharUppercase Q310890 +/− Monotypic taxon
{{Nest}} Singular FirstCharUppercase Q4785 +/− Nest
{{Summer plumage}} Singular Lowercase +/− summer plumage
{{Winter plumage}} Singular Lowercase +/− winter plumage
{{SN}} {{SN/title}} Plural FirstCharUppercase +/− Synonyms
{{Syn}} {{Syn/type}} Singular Lowercase for 'nom. xxx.',
FirstCharUppercase otherwise



autonym: Autonym (comes from{{Autonym (botany)}})
basionym: Basionym (comes from{{Bas}})
isonym: Q16965488
missp.: [misspelled (missp.)]
protonym: Protonym
nom. cons.: [nom. cons.]
nom. dub.: [nom. dub.]
nom. err.: [nomen erratum]
nom. illeg.: [nom. illeg.]
nom. inval.: [nom. inval.]
nom. nov.: [nom. nov.]
nom. nud.: [nom. nud.]
nom. obl.: [nom. obl.]
nom. prot.: [nom. prot.]
nom. rej., nom. rejic.: [nom. rej.]
nom. supp.: [nom. supp.]

{{Taxoconflict}} {{Taxoconflict/i18n}} +/− {{{name}}} is placed under {{{taxon1}}} by {{{source1}}}.
{{Taxolang}} {{Taxolang}} +/− for: 'for'
retrieved-on: 'Retrieved on'
sport-of: 'Sport of'
selection-of: 'Selection of'
tradenames: 'Trade name(s)'

inc-subtaxa: Included taxa
inc-cladi: Included clades

inc-domain: Included domains
inc-subdomain: Included subdomains

inc-regna: Included kingdoms
inc-subregna: Included subkingdoms
inc-infraregna: Included infrakingdoms

inc-phyla: Included phyla
inc-subphyla: Included subphyla
inc-infraphyla: Included infraphyla
inc-divisiones: Included divisiones
inc-subdivisiones: Included subdivisiones

inc-superclasses: Included superclasses
inc-classes: Included classes
inc-subclasses: Included subclasses
inc-infraclasses: Included infraclasses

inc-superordines: Included superorders
inc-ordines: Included orders
inc-subordines: Included suborders
inc-infraordines: Included infraorders
inc-parvordines: Included parvorders

inc-suprafamiliae: Included suprafamilies
inc-superfamiliae: Included superfamilies
inc-familiae: Included families
inc-subfamiliae: Included subfamilies

inc-supertribus: Included supertribes
inc-tribus: Included tribes
inc-subtribus: Included subtribes

inc-genusgroups: Included genus groups
inc-genera: Included genera
inc-nothogenera: Included subgenera
inc-subgenera: Included subgenera

inc-supersectiones: Included supersections
inc-sectiones: Included sections
inc-subsectiones: Included subsections

inc-series: Included series
inc-subseries: Included subseries

inc-virus: Included viruses
inc-species: Included species
inc-nothospecies: Included nothospecies
inc-subspecies: Included subspecies

inc-varietas: Included varieties
inc-cultivars: Included cultivars
inc-formae: Included forms
inc-subformae: Included subforms
{{Typegenus}} {{Typegenus/title}} Singular FirstCharUppercase +/− Type genus
{{Tysp}} {{Tysp/title}} Singular FirstCharUppercase +/− Type species
{{Unresolved}} {{Unresolved/i18n}} FirstCharUppercase +/− The taxon described by this category is unresolved. Additional references are needed to decide if the name is either accepted or a synonym.
{{Val}} {{Val/title}} Singular FirstCharUppercase +/− Accepted name by KEW:
{{VN}} {{VN/title}} Plural FirstCharUppercase +/− Vernacular names
{{Wikispecies}} {{Wikispecies/i18n}} FirstCharUppercase +/− Wikispecies has an entry on: