Example species Author, year
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Use this template to provide all the synonyms of a taxon
It is recommended to use {{SimpleTaxa}} to provide links to the taxon category + italic. That way, contributors will be able to check if the existing synonym categories contain {{Synonym taxon category redirect}}.
Note: if you want to edit this template, first try your modifications on {{SN/sandbox}}.You can then test your edits in {{SN/testcases}}.
When the new version is ready, you can move it to the main template.
The result of:
  |{{Syn|Pellorneum pyrrogenys|(Temminck, 1827)|preferredBy=ioc6.1}}
  |{{Syn|Turdinus|(Ramsay, 1880)|source=IUCN}}
  |''Name1'' author1


Turdinus (Ramsay, 1880)
Name1 author1
Optional parameters
  • scroll=no - to disable the scroll bar that appears when there are more than 10 synonyms
  • col - to change the number of columns (default value set by {{SN/columnstyle}}: 1,2 or 3 columns depending on count).
  • note - to add some text next to the "Synonyms" in the title bar.
  • title - to change the "Synonyms" text (but don't use this template to list anything besides synonyms; see example for where this might be used)
  • small - set to 'yes' to make the font-size smaller.
Usage examples
  • Category:Ancylis - basic usage. This is what it will look like with the scroll bar.
  • Category:Kaniska - utilizes the note parameter. Lots of potential uses.
  • Category:Nymphalis - this makes use of two {{SN}} boxes and the note parameter in order to deal with subjective synonyms (zoology) where multiple/unestablished classifications are being used. (col is also used.)
  • Category:Celaenorrhinus - this uses two {{SN}} boxes (actually one of them is a {{Clist}} but it uses {{SN/title}} in the same way) to hide a bunch of misspellings. These alternate spellings are published, so they are considered synonyms, however they are usually of less importance. They are there more for matching searches rather than something the reader cares to see.
  • Restrepiella ophiocephala - this is an alternative way of using the template. It uses a bulleted list instead of setting each name as separate parameters. It wasn't really made to do work this way, but it works. |scroll=yes may be needed since you will never get to use the 10th parameter this way (setting the 10th param. equal to something is normally what tells it it needs to scroll.)
Please add translations to Template:SN/title (+/−). All you have to translate is "Synonyms". Note that synonym here refers to the second and third definitions on wikt:synonym#English, not the general sense.
See also
  • {{SN/title}} - sub-template used for translation
  • {{SN/columnstyle}} - sub-template used for default value of parameter col=
  • {{VN}} - matching template to list vernacular names
  • {{Syn}} - template to be used with SN
  • {{Clist}} - this can be considered the collapsible version of {{VN}} and {{SN}} as well as serving as a multipurpose collapsible box to simply match {{VN}}/{{SN}}. It has built-in functionality to work like this template (using {{clist|SN|...}}, for example).