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This documentation is transcluded from Template:SimpleTaxa/doc.

This template is a simplified version of{{Taxa}}+{{Genera}} to be used in the note= section of{{Taxa}}.
  • Syntax1: With rank as first parameter:
    • the rank is validated
    • in the future the rank will be translated into your language
    • you can provide multiple taxon names
    • the taxa will be in italic depending on the rank
  • Syntax2: Without rank
    • You should provide only one taxon name
    • Taxon will be put in italic
    • PLEASE restrict this syntax to species and subspecies (or even genus)

Note: if you want to edit this template, first try your modifications on {{SimpleTaxa/sandbox}}.You can then test your edits in {{SimpleTaxa/testcases}}.
When the new version is ready, you can move it to the main template.
{{SimpleTaxa | rank | taxon1 | taxon2 ... }}
{{SimpleTaxa | taxon }}
{{SimpleTaxa | familiae | Polygordiidae | Protodrilidae }}
{{SimpleTaxa | genera | Alangium | Camptotheca }}
{{SimpleTaxa | Phylloscartes flaveolus }}
{{Taxa | familiae | Polygordiidae | †Protodrilidae | source=ITIS | note= Plus {{SimpleTaxa | genera | Alangium | Camptotheca }} }}
familiae Polygordiidae, Protodrilidae
genera Alangium, Camptotheca
Phylloscartes flaveolus
  • rank (optional)
the rank (plural latin) of the taxons.
Singular latin ranks should be used: Cladus, Domain, Regnum, Phylum, Divisio, Classis, Cohors, Ordo, Familia, Tribus, Genus, Sectio, Series, Species, Hybrid, Cultivar, Varietas
For intermediate ranks, use the syntax without separator like subgenus and infraordo (not "sub-genus", nor "infra ordo")
Nuvola apps important.svg If you use incorrect ranks, the article/category will be shown in Category:Pages with incorrect biology template usage.
Sample (for Alangium): genera
  • taxonX
a taxon name. Prefix it with † to specify that the taxon is extinct.
Sample (for Alangium): Alangium
Use sample
See also
  • {{Taxa}} that is the origin of this template
  • concurrent templates for other ranks:
    • {{Subspecies}} - to list subspecies or varieties in the format G. s. subspecies
    • {{Species}} - to list species or nothospecies in the format G. species
    • {{Species2}} - to list a huge number of species or nothospecies in a more compact way
    • {{Genera}} - to list genera or subgenera
    • {{Genera2}} - to list a huge number of genera or subgenera in a more compact way
    • {{Taxa}} - to list higher ranks taxa (families, orders...)
    • {{Syn}} - to display a single synonym taxon in{{SN}}
    • {{SpeciesForImage}} - to display a single species in a multi-species drawing