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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Syn/doc.

This template is a meant to be used to describe a taxon in{{SN}}.

Note: if you want to edit this template, first try your modifications on {{Syn/sandbox}}.You can then test your edits in {{Syn/testcases}}.
When the new version is ready, you can move it to the main template.
 |{{Syn | name | authority | status | source=<WebSiteShortName> | preferredBy=<WebSiteShortName> }}

{{Syn|Paraonyx congicus|Lönnberg, 1910|source=BioLib}}
{{Syn|Pellorneum pyrrogenys|(Temminck, 1827)|preferredBy=ioc6.1}}
{{Syn|Pellorneum pyrrogenys|(Temminck, 1827)|autonym|source=IUCN}}
{{Syn|Pellorneum pyrrogenys|(Temminck, 1827)|basionym|rank=species|preferredBy=ioc6.1|source=IUCN}}
{{Syn|Pellorneum pyrrogenys|(Temminck, 1827)|protonym}}
{{Syn|Pellorneum pyrrogenys|(Temminck, 1827)|nom. inval.|source=IUCN}}
{{Syn|Pellorneum pyrrogenys|(Temminck, 1827)|myownstatus}}
{{Syn|Annulariinae|Newton, 1891|rank=subfamilia|in={{Placement|familia|Pomatiidae}}|preferredBy=BioLib}}
Paraonyx congicus Lönnberg, 1910 (from BioLib)
Pellorneum pyrrogenys (Temminck, 1827) (preferred by IOC classification 6.1)
Pellorneum pyrrogenys (Temminck, 1827) Autonym (from IUCN)
Pellorneum pyrrogenys (Temminck, 1827) (Species) Basionym (preferred by IOC classification 6.1) (from IUCN)
Pellorneum pyrrogenys (Temminck, 1827) Protonym
Pellorneum pyrrogenys (Temminck, 1827) [nom. inval.] (from IUCN)
Pellorneum pyrrogenys (Temminck, 1827) [myownstatus]
Annulariinae Newton, 1891 (Subfamilia) in Pomatiidae (Familia) (preferred by BioLib)

  • name
the name of the taxon.
Sample (for Paraonyx congicus): Paraonyx congicus
  • authority (optional)
the taxon authority.
Sample (for Paraonyx congicus): Lönnberg, 1910
  • status (optional)
describes the kind of synonymy. Please, prefer the following ones that will be translated:
  • autonym (Will be displayed with Autonym)
  • basionym (Will be displayed with Basionym - Botanic only)
  • isonym (Will be displayed with Q16965488 )
  • protonym (Will be displayed with Protonym - Zoology only)
  • nom. illeg. (Will be displayed with [nom. illeg.])
  • nom. inval. (Will be displayed with [nom. inval.])
  • ... (see full list in{{Syn/type}})
If the syn status in not managed by{{Syn/type}}, Category:Pages with unmanaged synonym type is added
  • rank=<rank> (optional)
to specify the latin singular rank of synonym (allowed ranks are listed in{{CheckSingularLatinRank}})
  • in=<parentTaxon> (optional)
to display the parent taxon when it is important. Please use{{placement}}.
Sample (for Annulariinae): in={{Placement|familia|Pomatiidae}}
  • preferredBy=<WebSiteShortName> (optional)
to display a source which prefers <name> over current category/gallery name.
See Taxasource/doc for the complete list of managed WebSiteShortName
To provide multiple sources, you can use combined sources like "ITIS & MSW".
  • preferredByRef=<reference>
to display a source not managed by{{Taxasource}} which prefers <name> over category/gallery name.
  • source=<WebSiteShortName> (optional)
to display the source that associated current taxon with <name>.
See Taxasource/doc for the complete list of managed WebSiteShortName
To provide multiple sources, you can use combined sources like "ITIS & MSW".
  • ref=<reference> (optional)
to provide a source not managed by{{Taxasource}}
  • note=<note> (optional)
to add a note

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