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This template takes a web site short name as parameter and returns a link to this web site.
This template is called by:
The websites managed by this template should be limited to well known sites for species classification.
The purpose is to centralize those links here, to simplify future maintenance and to limit url duplication.
Each entry of this template should correspond to a template of Category:Biology external link templates
Note: Now this template support all combination of these WebSiteShortName, like "ADW & ITIS & ZorapteraSF"
Note: if you want to edit this template, first try your modifications on {{Taxasource/sandbox}}.You can then test your edits in {{Taxasource/testcases}}.
When the new version is ready, you can move it to the main template.

{{taxasource | FishBase }}
{{taxasource | IUCN | FishBase }}
{{taxasource | IUCN & FishBase }} new usage, very important for calling templates
{{taxasource | something else }} bad usage, please prefer:
{{taxasource | ref=something else }}
{{taxasource | IUCN | FishBase | ref=something else }}
{{taxasource | CatalogueOfLife | name=Panthera }}
will generate
FishBase & IUCN
FishBase & IUCN
something else + error (cat Pages with incorrect biology template usage is added)
something else
FishBase & IUCN & something else
Catalogue of Life

{{taxasource | WebSiteShortName | name=<TaxonName> }}
  • name=<TaxonName> (optional)
To specify the taxon name if the current category/gallery name is not exactly the taxon name.
It is mostly needed only for subgenus (Where taxonName really contains a (xx) part), because by default the (xx) is considered as disambiguation and suppressed
This parameter is needed only when using a WebSiteShortName qualified as clever link
  • WebSiteShortName
The web site Short Name.
Nuvola apps important.svg If the short name is not recognized, this template returns the text passed as parameter.
To construct this list you can look at Category:Biology external link templates.
Predefined WebSiteShortName:
‎! scope=row | Betancur-R et al. (2017)
Predefined WebSiteShortName
WebSiteShortName link to Associated to template
ADW Animal Diversity Web (ADW) (clever link) {{ADW}}
AFD Australian Faunal Directory (AFD) (clever link) missing
AlgaeBASE AlgaeBASE {{AlgaeBASE species}}, {{AlgaeBASE genus}}, {{AlgaeBASE taxon}}
Amphibiaweb Amphibiaweb {{Amphibiaweb species}}
AnimalBase AnimalBase missing
AOU AOU missing
APG APG outdated
APGII APG II no need for template as there is a commons page
APGIII APG III no need for template as there is a commons page
APGIV APG IV no need for template as there is a commons page
AphidSF Aphid Species File {{SpeciesFile}} param Aphid
APNI APNI {{APNI family}}, {{APNI genus}} and {{APNI species}}
APWebsite APWebsite (the website where the future APG IV is in preparation) {{APWebsite}}
ArthropodaSF Arthropoda Species File {{SpeciesFile}} param Arthropoda
ASW ASW {{ASW species}}, {{ASW genus}}, {{ASW subfamily}}, {{ASW family}}, {{ASW taxon}}
Avibase Avibase {{Avibase}}
Baltimore Baltimore classification no need for template as there is a en page
Betancur-R et al. (2017) no need for template as there is only one web page
BioLib BioLib {{BioLib}}
BlattodeaSF Blattodea Species File {{SpeciesFile}} param Blattodea
(no space because it is 1 source)
Bouchet & Rocroi (2005) no need for template as there is a en page
Bouchet et al. (2010) Bouchet et al. (2010) no need for template as there is a en page
Bugguide bugguide.net {{Bugguide}}
ButMoth ButMoth missing
CatalogueOfLife Catalogue of Life (clever link) {{CatalogueofLife subspecies}}, {{CatalogueofLife species}}, {{CatalogueofLife genus}}, {{CatalogueofLife taxon}}
Chase2003 Chase (2003) missing
CITES CITES Not yet (we could copy fr:Modèle:CITES espèce, CITES genre, CITES famille)
CockroachSF Cockroach Species File {{SpeciesFile}} param Cockroach
ColeorrhynchaSF Coleorrhyncha Species File {{SpeciesFile}} param Coleorrhyncha
CollembolaSF Collembola Species File {{SpeciesFile}} param Collembola
CoreoideaSF Coreoidea Species File {{SpeciesFile}} param Coreoidea
Cronquist Cronquist no need for template as there is a commons page
de the article in de.wikipedia.org (which is rarely used as source in Commons) (clever link) no need for template
DermapteraSF Dermaptera Species File {{SpeciesFile}} param Dermaptera
DiscoverLife DiscoverLife (clever link) Not yet
dmitriev Dmitriev Species File Not yet
DORIS DORIS (clever link) missing
EmbiopteraSF Embioptera Species File {{SpeciesFile}} param Embioptera
EFloras eFloras.org {{EFloras}}
eMonocot eMonocot {{EMonocot}}
en the article in en.wikipedia.org (which is often used as source in Commons) (clever link) no need for template
es the article in es.wikipedia.org (which is not often used as source in Commons) (clever link) no need for template
Faunaeur Fauna Europaea {{Faunaeur}}
FishBase FishBase {{FishBase species}}, {{FishBase genus}}, {{FishBase family}} & {{FishBase ordo}}
Funet Funet (clever link) {{Funet}}
Fungorum Index Fungorum {{Fungorum species}}, {{Fungorum genus}}, {{Fungorum family}}, {{Fungorum taxon}}
fr the article fr fr.wikipedia.org (clever link) no need for template
Goffinet et al. Goffinet et al. (clever link) No need for template as the whole classification is provided on a single web page
GRIN GRIN {{GRIN species}} & {{GRIN genus}} & {{GRIN family}}
GrylloblattodeaSF Grylloblattodea Species File {{SpeciesFile}} param Grylloblattodea
Gymnosperm Database Gymnosperm Database {{Gymnosperm Database}}
HBW Handbook of the Birds of the World no need for template as there is an en.wikipedia page
ICTV ICTV Not needed as ICTV taxonomy is on one page
inaturalist iNaturalist no, but it is needed
insectoid Insectoid no, but it is needed
ioc10.1 IOC classification 10.1 (ioc2.2 to ioc9.2 are still available) {{IOC}}
ION ION (clever link) missing (We could create {{ION search}} taking a taxon name + {{ION}} taking a taxon id)
it the article in it.wikipedia.org (clever link) no need for template
IUCN IUCN (clever link) {{IUCN}} or {{IUCN list}}
jboyd A Taxonomy in Flux (JBoyd.net) {{Jboyd}} & {{Jboyd tree}}
Jörger et al. (2010) Jörger et al. (2010) missing
Kew Vascular Plant Kew Gardens 'Vascular Plant' (clever link) {{Kew vpfg}}
Kew World Checklist Kew Gardens 'World Checklist' (clever link) {{Kew list}}
LepIndex Lepidoptera Names Index {{LepIndex species}}
Luther2008 Harry E. Luther, 2008 missing
Malaquias et al. 2009 Malaquias et al. (2009) missing
MantodeaSF Mantodea Species File {{MantodeaSF}}
MSW Mammal Species of the World (2005) (clever link) {{MSW}}
MycoBank MycoBank {{MycoBank}}
Nakano&Ozawa2007 Nakano & Ozawa (2007) missing
NAM North American Mammals {{NAM species}}
Nelson, J.S. 2006 Nelson, J.S. 2006 Fishes of the world missing
NRCSPlants (USDA plants) NRCS Plants {{NRCS Plants}}
OrthopteraSF Orthoptera Species File {{OrthopteraSF}}
ParaneopteraSF Paraneoptera Species File {{SpeciesFile}} param Paraneoptera
PhasmidaSF Phasmida Species File {{SpeciesFile}} param Phasmida
PlecopteraSF Plecoptera Species File {{SpeciesFile}} param Plecoptera
plantsoftheworldonline Plants of the world online {{PlantsOfTheWorldOnline search}}, {{PlantsOfTheWorldOnline}}
PolyneopteraSF Polyneoptera Species File {{SpeciesFile}} param Polyneoptera
PsocodeaSF Psocodea Species File {{SpeciesFile}} param Psocodea
ReptileDB ReptileDB {{ReptileDB species}}, {{ReptileDB genus}} & {{ReptileDB family}}
Rushforth Conifers Keith D. Rushforth Conifers missing
Smith Smith System no need for template as there is a commons page
species the article in Wikispecies (which is sometimes used as source in Commons) (clever link) no need for template
Strasburger Strasburger missing
sv the article in sv.wikipedia.org Swedish Wikipedia (clever link) no need for template
TelaAfriqueN Tela Botanica (Afrique du nord) {{TelaAfriqueN}}
TelaAfriqueT Tela Botanica (Afrique tropicale) {{TelaAfriqueT}}
TelaAntilles Tela Botanica (Antilles) {{TelaAntilles}}
TelaMetro Tela Botanica (France métro.) {{TelaMetro}}
TheAstereaeWorkingGroup The Astereae Working Group none needed
ThePlantList The Plant List (clever link) {{ThePlantList species}}, {{ThePlantList taxon}}
TTDB Turbellarian Taxonomic Database (clever link) none yet
tolweb TOLweb (clever link) {{Tolweb}}
TPDB TPDB (for The Paleobiology Database) {{TPDB}}
Tropicos Tropicos (clever link) {{Tropicos}}
uBio uBIO (clever link) {{UBio}} & {{UBio search}}
Weston&Barker (2006) (Botanic: Proteaceae) Weston and Barker (2006) missing
WoRMS WoRMS (clever link) {{WRMS species}} & {{WRMS}}
WSC World Spider Catalog {{WSC family}}, {{WSC nonfamily}}
ZorapteraSF Zoraptera Species File {{SpeciesFile}} param Zoraptera
? undetermined source
Nuvola apps important.svg Note: Clever links are links redirecting directly to a web page describing the taxon (using {{PAGENAME}}).
Note: These clever links may need the name=<TaxonName> parameter
Nuvola apps important.svg Note: All combination of multiple sources are now accepted (like ITIS & MSW)
Nuvola apps important.svg Note: Some deprecated WebSiteShortName add Category:Pages with incorrect biology template usage to the article
Nuvola apps important.svg Note: Unknown WebSiteShortName add Category:Pages with incorrect biology template usage to the article. You perhaps should use |ref=
  • ref=<reference> (optional)
  • ref2=<reference> (optional)
Use it if your source is not one of the preceding

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