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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Period/doc.

provides translation of the name of a period + a link to Wikipedia
(the template is quite simple but rather long because all interwikis have to be copied)


{{Period |1= |2= }}

Template parameters

Parameter Description Default Status
1 name of the period. Currently supported values include:
  • Archeological periods:
    • Acheulean
    • Aurignacian
    • Azilian
    • Predynastic Period
    • Early Dynastic Period
    • Old kindom
    • First intermediate period
    • Middle kingdom
    • Second intermediate period
    • New kingdom
    • Third intermediate period
    • Late period of ancient Egypt
    • Egypt1, Egypt2, … to Egypt30 (dynasties)
    • Gravettian
    • Isin larsa
    • Magdalenian
    • Mousterian
    • Neolithic
    • Northern qi
    • Paleolithic, lower palaeolithic, middle palaeolithic & upper palaeolithic
    • Prehistory
    • Solutrean
  • Art History periods:
    • Medieval
    • Baroque
    • Mannerism
    • Neoclassicism
    • Renaissance, Early Renaissance & High Renaissance
    • Rococo
    • French revolution
    • Romanticism
empty optional
2 "date" provides the standard date of the period. empty optional

Additional information

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{{Period|French revolution|date}}

renders as:

French Revolution (between 1789 and 1799)