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The media split up process is labor-intensive for administrators; it is best used when two entirely different images have been uploaded, with no overlap in the contents of the image description page for each image.

Cases where this template should not be used
  1. Don't ask for splits if the other file is a copyright violation, insufficiently licensed or of low quality.
  2. If somebody has accidentally overwritten a file revert it.
    • If reasonable inform the user that has overwritten the file with a {{subst:dont overwrite}}. Ask the user who overwrote the file to upload it under a different filename and then ask for that version to be deleted from the history.
    • Otherwise if possible upload the file under a different filename yourself stating the source of the file with a link to the version history from which you transferred it and ask for that version to be deleted from the history.
  3. If somebody overwrote his own file notify him that he should have uploaded it under a different filename.
    • If applicable, upload the file under a different filename giving a link to the original file. Use the applicable templates for retouched pictures.
  4. If the two files are continually reverted in an edit war—that is, the main difference between the files is in presentation, not subject—splitting them will be very difficult and complex. It's better to just pick one of the files and re-upload it under a new filename, because the page histories will generally be inseparable.
input result
This file has been overwritten.

A user has requested that this overwritten file be split up.

More complex cases may be manually reported here.
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This template will categorize into Category:Media requiring a split up.

request for media to be split up

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