city in southern India; the capital of Kerala
English: Thiruvananthapuram (Malayalam: തിരുവനന്തപുരം), also known as Trivandrum, is the capital of the Indian state of Kerala and the headquarters of the Thiruvananthapuram district. It is located on the west coast of India near the extreme south of the mainland. Referred to by Mahatma Gandhi as the "Evergreen city of India", the city is characterized by its undulating terrain of low coastal hills and busy commercial alleys. With almost 745,000 inhabitants per the 2001 census, it is the largest and most populous city in Kerala; the wider urban agglomeration has a population of about one million.
മലയാളം: തിരുവനന്തപുരം, കേരള സംസ്ഥാനത്തിന്റെ തലസ്ഥാനനഗരവും, തിരുവനന്തപുരം ജില്ലയുടെ ആസ്ഥാനവുമാണ്‌ തിരുവനന്തപുരം.
Location: 8°29′15″N 76°05′07″E / 8.4874°N 76.08533333°E / 8.4874; 76.08533333