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Present representative of the lineage of Beohar-dynasty, the erstwhile Jagirdars of Jabalpur (was Jubbulpore / Jabbalgarh) in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh (was Central Provinces & Berar / Saugor & Nerbudda Territories / Garha-Mandla), since at least c. 1764 C.E. when the title-prefix of Sardar-Beohar with salutation Rajman-Rajeshri was granted to the ancester Kehri Simha by H.H. Maharaja Nizamsahi (descendent of Maharani Durgavati) of Garha-Mandla. The title-prefix of Sardar-Beohar is at par with such other titles as Rana, Rao, Nawab, Shah, Raja, etc., in the Indian system of heraldry, and with Duke, Earl, Marquis, etc., in the British system.