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GO HEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This user would like to congratulate the North Carolina Tar Heels for their victory over Duke making them #1 in the ACC. Go Heels

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Yes, as you can tell I am a huge UNC fan.

And even though I am a huge fan I have done my best to keep a Neutral Point of View. If you believe this is not so please leave a message on my talk page and I will be glad to fix it. Thanks. I have now made a page on the Wikimedia commons!!! I got tired of seeing the red text at the top so I created this page.

Being a WikiGnome I try to go in and add links and other small helpfull details were appropriate, although I do go in and add information occasionally ( UNC related pages mostly, but I suppose any helpful information is better than none Face-smile.svg.)

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This user doesn't have any barn stars Sad.png. However this user hopes to get a barn star one day, even if it does mean they have to edit every page on Wikipedia.

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