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Joined 7 February 2011

GO HEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Tar HeelsEdit

This user would like to congratulate the North Carolina Tar Heels for their victory over Duke making them #1 in the ACC. Go Heels

General InfoEdit

Yes, as you can tell I am a huge UNC fan.

And even though I am a huge fan I have done my best to keep a Neutral Point of View. If you believe this is not so please leave a message on my talk page and I will be glad to fix it. Thanks. I have now made a page on the Wikimedia commons!!! I got tired of seeing the red text at the top so I created this page.

Being a WikiGnome I try to go in and add links and other small helpfull details were appropriate, although I do go in and add information occasionally ( UNC related pages mostly, but I suppose any helpful information is better than none Face-smile.svg.)

Articles Created (Wikipedia)

1. The Academy at Lincoln
2. Atlantic Coast Conference men's basketball season

Barn Stars

This user doesn't have any barn stars Sad.png. However this user hopes to get a barn star one day, even if it does mean they have to edit every page on Wikipedia.

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