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Allow excluding pages from the page links notifications

"I think I'm gonna have a serious problem with this.

I just changed an external link in to an internal one, to Same file, I uploaded it.


Because I just got two notifications, one for and one for,_Jeux_M%C3%A9diterran%C3%A9ens).jpg. I know nothing about these files. I don't know those people. So it looks like I will now be notified of every single use of PD-1996. Why that is a problem you say? Oh I don't know, maybe you would understand if I would just spam you with dozens if not hundreds of useless notifications daily? Because that's the number I'm expecting.

Since this task has existed since 2013, I'll be forced to just create a sock, reupload the file, bother some file movers, never use the sock again and call it a day."