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Hello !! I'm a user from old Japanese city, Kyoto.

My ContributionEdit

All these files were taken from old Japanese books, whose copyrights had been expired. These books are owned by me, and images are scanned, edited by me. if you have some questions, please contact me through my talk page.

Earthquake Pictorial EditionEdit

Originally Published as 関東震災画報, by the Japanese Newspaper Osaka Mainichi.

See more at Category:1923 Great Kantō earthquake.

Records of Naval Battles in Meiji 37, 38Edit

Originally Published as 明治三十七八年海戦史. Official Record of Naval Battles in the Russo-Japanese War, edited by the Imperial Japanese Navy.

See more at Category:Siege of Port Arthur.

Takarazuka Girls' Revue Plot Summary, vol. 181Edit

Originally Published as 宝塚少女歌劇脚本解説 第佰八拾壱號.

See more at Category:Takarazuka Revue.

History of Japanese CalligraphyEdit

Originally Published as 和様書道史.

See more at Category:Japanese calligraphy.

the Air and Sea, Naval MagazineEdit

Originally Published as 空と海.

See more at Category:Air and Sea.