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Welcome to Benedicto XVI user page. Benedicto XVI wants to share his wisdom in Wikipedia so that it helps others to know more things about this world.


I amuse myself enough making maps, flags, signals of traffic, and all class of vectorial drawings. Also I like to learn more about other religions, because it is basic to understand a part of the old art. I love all sciences, but specially I am friki of mathematics and astronomy. Also I usually play a lot of time to PSP and to Microsoft Flight and Train Simulators. If you want to know more about me, look at my userbox on your right.


Now I am working in Spanish Wikipedia señales de tráfico, so I am uploading them in SVG to Commons. If you want you can help me. Please visit my discussion.

These are my last adds:

SVG MapsEdit

Also I'm going to try to make some maps in SVG format to later upload them. I will make them with my own style, to everybody knows who's the author. Nevertheless, they will be into the public domain. I promise you I will translate them into English, but now they are in Spanish.

Here is my last map, "Zonas tarifarias del Abono Transportes de Madrid".I put it in Spanish article Consorcio Regional de Transportes, which is also edited by me:

Look for all my proyects in Wikipedia here (Spanish).

Mis contributionsEdit

Look for my contributions in Wikipedia here (Spanish).

Benedicto XVI

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