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This user account is a bot operated by Amitie 10g (talk). It is not a sock puppet, but rather an automated or semi-automated account for making repetitive edits that would be extremely tedious to do manually.
Administrators: if this bot is malfunctioning or causing harm, please block it.

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This bot (one of my dreams in Commons) is intended to be used for a semiautomated License review/pass on files that requires human attention. The operator takes a Category, check what files pass the review, and then, runs the bot. The idea is to pass dozens of files at once, previous human review.

Also, this bot will be used to upload files using my tool UploadFile (botclasses.php) when I need a massive number of files to upload.

  • Operator: Davod.
  • Tasks: Semiautomated license review/pass and upload files.
  • Operation: Manually.
  • When: At operator's request (daily).
  • Maximum edit rate: For now, 5 per minute, few daily editions for testing.
  • Language: PHP (botclasses.php).
  • Approved: No, permissions declined. Bot account should not be used until new request is made.
  • Bot flag: No, per above.
  • Other gropus: Autopatrolled.

Tools made by me and intended to be used with this account:

  • UploadFile (botclasses.php) - Source code (stable, to be used daily)

Screenshots <gallery> File:Screenshot_of_PassLicense_(botclasses.php).png|PassLicense screenshot File:Screenshot of PassLicense (botclasses.php) - files passed.png|PassLicense screenshot (review results) File:UploadFile-yad_screenshot.png|UploadFile with YAD front-end screenshot