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The Toolserver shut down on July 1, 2014.
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Note: If Bryan's Flickr upload bot is experiencing problems, see User talk:Bryan. That is the comment page about the bot. Bryan is no longer reading that talk page, and must be contacted by email. See Special:EmailUser/Bryan.

If broken, try Flickr2Commons instead

Flickr upload bot (contribs · uploads · block) is a service to Wikimedia Commons users which allows them to easily upload freely licensed images from Flickr.

Uploading is performed via a web interface that runs on the Toolserver. The current upload limit is 24 uploads per user per hour. If you want to be exempted from this, you can ask at User talk:Bryan. Uploads that have been requested via the web interface, but not yet actioned by the bot, can be viewed at Category:Image pages created for Flickr upload bot without files

During the process users are provided with a token which they should save to Commons. The upload bot will use this to confirm the user's identity. Images uploaded through the upload service were tagged with a free Creative Commons license on Flickr at upload time. This is no guarantee that the image is in fact free. Uploaders still need to assess whether the Creative Commons license was applied properly by the Flickr user.

Technical information: /step-by-step


  • File name is guessed by the title given by the Flickr user
  • Description is copied from Flickr
  • Images are guaranteed to be tagged under a free license at upload.
  • Warning when an image is being uploaded that already has been uploaded to Commons
  • Category suggest


Q: What can I do if the bot adds the license information but does not upload the image?

A: First, be patient for at least 5 minutes. Then visit the file-description-page and click on "upload this file", which takes you to the upload form. Try upload the image manually. If you get a message that the upload failed because the file is corrupt or contains script or HTML code, you can use a tool to remove the code (lossless) or just open it in an imaging program, save it as a bitmap and then as the target format (often jpg), then try to reupload.

To be done

  • Disable limit for admins
  • Integration with Duesentrieb's tools
  • Intelligent category suggest
  • Geocoding
  • Comment on the Flickr image description