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Naming the filesEdit

Question: Black vertical credit card holder with 10 pockets - WBf--.jpg - nice name. What does it mean, anyways?

Answer: when taking multiple photos with the same object, you might want to find some abbreviations in order to avoid long names like "Black vertical credit card holder with 10 pockets on wooden background, second side, using flash, third version.jpg"

  • Sides: 'A', 'B', 'C'
  • Background: Wood = 'W' - Black = 'N'
  • Flash fired: 'f'
  • Camera orientation: Horizontal = 'h' - Vertical = 'v'
  • Various distances: '-', '--'
  • Inclined: 'i'
W = Wooden bacground
B = second side (opened, no ticket)
f = Flash fired
-- = third version

Other tipsEdit

  • Rename log: Search for "Requesting renaming this file" in the Contributions log
  • In order to find the photos where you uploaded a newer version, search for "uploaded a new version of File:"
  • Category redirect example: Category:Shapes resembling U