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Second Generation Commercial PhotographerEdit

My father at 33 years old, William Gill before enlisting in 1940 with the Royal Air Force was a commercial photographer in Glasgow Scotland. He died in 1969, at the time I was 14 years old and his Photographic background was unknown to me at the time, I discovered this information within the last five years; after 40 years pursuing my photographic portfolio.ŜgYna-vVJegF-vx18Ng-vDf49n-vD7M49-vD7Xbq-vD7Jvy-uSyREB-vW8cM8-vwVNKp-vM6x3q-vwNdrQ-VvMVLV-dhE2hK-dhE1gy-dhE21A-dhDY7i-dhDZgF-dhDYpD-cKsw3y-8UVcUJ-8US9jV-8UVcRE-8ttuRm-MUuQYN-Zg9Nj5-pxbhrf-8UVcTs/

Kenneth J. Gill
Born 1955, North Kelvinside, Glasgow, Scotland. Attended North Kelvinside Senior Secondary School 1967-72, Oban Drive, Glasgow. (1966-72). Started photography 1973. Bryan and Shear Ltd, Commercial and Industrial Photographers, Berkley St. Glasgow. Communication Design Diploma from Epsom School of Art and Design, Surrey, England. (1977-80). Graphic Designer/Process Camera Operator at Calverts Press, Clerkenwell, London. (1980-84). Lived in New Zealand for one year. Toured the North West Coast, USA and up to Southeast Alaska. Married and lives in Juneau, Alaska.
You can find more of my images here at Gillfoto Flickr

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Commons:Photo challenge/2018 - October - Balconies/WinnersEdit

  Photo Challenge – Second Place

Your picture Celebration Reflection Balcony 807.jpg won the 2nd place in the Photo Challenge Balconies, in October 2018. You can find the results of the challenge here.

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