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These signs are based upon diagrams from the Road Signs and Pavement Markings Manual issued by the Department of Public Works and Highways of the Republic of the Philippines.

They have been created in collaboration with Fry1989, TagaSanPedroAko and Photo07.

Sign Colours:

  • 00 Blue (8, 69, 151) - Mandatory Action Signs
  • 00 Brown (158, 83, 36) - Tourist-Oriented Signs
  • 00 Fluorescent Yellow-Green (183, 255, 13) - Pedestrian Signs
  • 00 Fluorescent Orange (255, 121, 0) - Road works
  • 00 Green (21, 167, 81) - Direction Guidance Signs
  • 00 Red (195, 25, 38) - Regulation, Prohibition, and Warning Signs

Sign Shapes:

  • Philippines road sign R1-1.svg Octagon - Stop sign
  • Philippines road sign R1-2.svg Upside-down Equilateral Triangle - Give way sign
  • Philippines road sign R3-1.svg Circle - Regulatory signs (Circular signs may be placed on rectangular plates with text for additional information.)
  • Philippines road sign W1-3 L.svg Equilateral Triangle - Warning signs
  • Philippines road sign W9-2A.svg Horizontal Rectangle - Directional signs, service signs, roadwork signs, special use signs, and supplementary plates for warning signs.
  • Philippines road sign R3-16P.svg Vertical Rectangle - Facility information signs, traffic instruction signs, guide signs, and destinations of point of interest.
  • Philippines road sign W6-1.svg Pentagon - Pedestrian-related warning signs.

Sign Fonts:

  • Arial font.svg is the most common font used on road signs.
  • Highway Gothic font.svg or FHWA Standard Alphabets are usually used on directional signs.
  • Clearview font.svg is common on several new directional signs and most newer road signs, especially regulatory type signs. Font is allowed on negative-contrast signs, as opposed to the FHWA which only allows use of the font on positive-contrast signs and requires interim approval.


Regulatory signs (Type R)Edit

R1: Priority signsEdit

R2: Direction signsEdit

R3: Restrictive signsEdit

R4: Speed signsEdit

R5: Parking signsEdit

R6: Miscellaneous signsEdit

Warning signs (Type W)Edit

W1: Horizontal alignment signsEdit

W2: Intersection and junction signsEdit

W3: Advance warning of traffic control devices signsEdit

W4: Road width signsEdit

W5: Road obstacle signsEdit

W6: Pedestrian signsEdit

W7: Railway level crossing signsEdit

W8: Supplementary signsEdit

W9: Other warning road signsEdit

Guide or information signs (Type G)Edit

G1: Advance direction signsEdit

G2: Intersection direction signsEdit

G3: Reassurance direction signsEdit

G4: Finger board and direction signs for less important roadsEdit

G5: Street signsEdit

G6: Town names and geographical feature signsEdit

G7: Service signsEdit

G8: Tourist information and tourist destination signsEdit

G9: Route marker signsEdit

G10: Asian highway route marker signsEdit

Expressway signs (Type GE)Edit

GE1: Expressway approach signsEdit

GE2: Expressway information signsEdit

GE3: Advance exit signsEdit

GE4: Exit direction signsEdit

GE5: Expressway service signsEdit

GE6: End of expressway signsEdit

GE7: Toll signsEdit

GE8: Expressway traffic instruction and regulatory signsEdit

Traffic instruction signs (Type S)Edit


S2: Movement instruction signsEdit

Hazard marker signs (Type HM)Edit

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