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Most of my work is now on categorizing images and categories. Now, I occasionally upload images.


I license my works with CC0 (Public Domain Dedication) or Public Domain, previously CC-BY-SA 3.0 or CC-BY-SA-3.0-PH.


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View on Philippines' FOPEdit

I mostly have been strongly opposed on deleting images of modern architecture and art in the Philippines (except those that have copyright lapsed in the last 50 years or very old) hosted here on Commons for lack of FOP (as there is not even cases of copyright infringement filed against someone having a photo of a modern architectural work/artwork, other than those being required to pay royalties for any photo taken), and I am strongly support adding a FOP exemption to the current Intellectual Property Code to place an exemption on reproductions of any current architecture and art.

I find the lack of FOP strongly affecting those with interest in photographing modern architecture and art. We cannot host an image of modern architecture and art in the Philippines in Commons for years, but, we can post images of them on social media or elsewhere in the Internet. We can host a photo of a city skyline, but we cannot host a photo of each building, unless it is not of architectural interest. I don't find the FOP situation problematic when outside Commons, and there is not even cases of a photographer being sued for hosting a photo of a modern work elsewhere in the Net, if not here.


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Random Image GalleryEdit

You can view my favorite images by clicking this random image. (All are my own works.)

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