I've been getting the feeling more and more that I'm just spinning my wheels here. Every day I block the same sockmasters, the same spambots, and delete the same copyvios and out of scope garbage. I feel like Bill Murray when he wakes up and hears the radio telling him it's Groundhog's Day again and again.

We have 250 administrators on a project with over 20 million images and other pages, templates, etc, and thousands of editors. Out of that 250, less than 50 are what anyone could describe as really active, and maybe a dozen are involved in deletions. When I put up an RFA, it's lucky to get 20 votes, and those are usually from the same group of overworked, underpaid people.

I just can't justify spending my time this way any more. If felt I was accomplishing something, I could continue, iffy health and all, but I feel like I'm playing the same game as the young lady in the photo, and it's not all that fun of a game.

Last modified on 26 March 2014, at 22:13