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Hi, I'm IagoQnsi, but my real name is Hayden Schiff. I like to upload and organize photos here on Commons. Please also see my user page on English Wikipedia. Any files created by me can be found in Category:Files by Hayden Schiff.

Photography edit

My interest in Commons led to an interest in photography as a hobby. In particular, I've taken a big interest in photographing sports events, primarily FC Cincinnati matches.

My FC Cincy photos can be found in subcategories of Category:FC Cincinnati, and all my photos can be found in Category:Photographs by Hayden Schiff (warning: thousands of photos, very messy). All of my photos can also be found on Flickr—I recommend browsing by tag if you're looking for a particular person.

Over 400 distinct photos of mine are used in over 2,000 places across all Wikimedia projects. You can find the full statistics and a listing of my most-used photos via GLAMorous.

Here are a couple of my personal favorite shots:

My favorite shots

Archival work edit

One of my primary interests on Commons is finding images of interesting people/places/events from out in the world (well, mostly Flickr), getting them freely licensed (if they weren't already), and organizing them as usefully as possible. Here are some of the bigger projects I've worked on:

  • Category:Unidentified logos. I've been slowly combing through this category and attempting to properly categorize any images that I'm able to (or, at the very least, sort them down to "Unidentified logos of <country>" categories).
  • Category:Rooster Teeth. I've gathered most of the photos here, and have managed to get images of a huge portion of the staff and of the various panels and conventions Rooster Teeth has been part of. Particular thanks to Count3D, who freely licensed tons of his awesome photos that I asked for.
  • Category:Podcasts. This category (and the parent category Podcasting) were a bit of a mess; I added tons of organization categories, and podcasts can now be navigated by name, country, format, genre, language, and subject.
  • Category:Panel discussions. Prior to me jumping in, this category was mostly unused. I've been going through the images in categories for events such as Category:Comic-Con International and categorizing them as panel images. There's still a lot of work to be done here, but right now you can sort through a lot of panel images by year, by subject (i.e. TV show/film/web series/etc), by country, by event, and by organization. Ideally, the end goal would be to thoroughly sort ALL panel images -- i.e. categories like Panel discussions at the 2009 Comic-Con International would mostly be diffused into subcategories for each individual panel. But, this is gonna be a very slow, very long-term sort of project.
  • Category:PAX (event). I've gathered dozens or hundreds of images from various PAX events from Flickr and thoroughly categorized the images by event and subject matter.

Scripts edit

Outside of Wikimedia, I'm a software developer, so occasionally I like to build scripts for stuff on Commons. Here are the scripts I've made for Commons to date:

Subpages edit

  • conventions: a collection of galleries of freely-licensed images from various conventions and festivals
  • todo: scratch list of things I intend to get done