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'Joseph Linkels (Josy),pseudonym: *JOLI*, multidisciplinary artist and designer, patented by the Governments of Belgium and Luxembourg, born '24 / 09/1943 'in Luxembourg city, nationality: Luxembourg, married, no children, '** ambidextrous and more and knowing that 'Josy is capable of achieving 'simultaniously' the 'same drawings, 'same creations and 'same texts using 'both hands ': With right hand from left to right and acting with his left hand from right to left and even using the left hand side from left to right and the Using the right hand from right to left and using 'simultaniously left hand 'and the right hand to perform the '[ [Same]] 'drawings, designs and texts in the same meaning ': using the right hand from right to left and left hand from right to left or vice versa and preferably on a fixed support irrespective of position p. former.: a black table, a desk and even a ceiling if desired. The Baseline Studies: General Certificate of Education (GCE A Levels) - Completion of high school-Section: Industrial (BAC)-High School Boys of Luxembourg (LGL). The Academic Studies: Graduate Courses in Physics and Mathematics and university education (University of Strasbourg / France-Faculty in Natural and applied sciences, and studies in depth artistic vocations: Among many teachers, teachers and professors Benelux ago astusteness and knowledge acquired in the company ' Bruno Prof.Dr.Erwin Sigwart Rupp of the University of Heidelberg / Germany-DIVISION: Fine Arts. '. Qualified Doctor RER art. hc Sines and Doctor of Fine Arts Honoris Causa (Doctor of Fine Arts hc). Artistic, cultural, social, humanitarian and philanthropic activities since '1970 and countless achievements in applied art exhibitions. Participation in many competitive exams in Europe and - beyond. [MEP from the "Académie Internationale de Lutece (Paris / FRANCE)]. Winner and correspondent of the French Society of encouragement The" ELITE "of France. Awarded Medal Gold Courtesy French ", holder of the Cross of Gold" Merit and French Dedication ", holder of the Gold Medal of the French Academic Society" Arts and Sciences -Letters, winner of the large plate of gold "Lords of Art c / o INTER-ARTS", the Plaque of Merit Hispanic gold, the famous exhibiter named "SALON D'AUTOMNE " '1990 at the Grand Palais des Champs Elysees in Paris under the pseudonym '" JOLI "', owner of the ' European Merit - (diploma nr 5/09 of 23/02/2009 signed by Mr Jacques Santer, former President of the European Council, Prime Minister of Luxembourg Honorary Gr.-D., ON), 'Officer Leopold II, King of the Belgians '(Royal Decree dated 13/07/2004 and signed Karel De Gucht, Foreign Minister of Belgium), Officer of the Crown of Belgium '(20 , 01, 2005 Ref.: IK-ND/212-P & S5. 2), 'Knight of the Order of Merit of the Luxembourg Gr.-D. -14/06/2004 signed by John - Claude Juncker, Prime Minister, Minister of State of Luxembourg Gr.-D., 'Knight of the Grand Ducal Crown of Oak -04.06.2009 by Jean-Claude Juncker, Prime Minister of Gr.-D. Luxbg, A. SO ON, receiving numerous awards and distinctions, for example: Great Cup hosted by Mr Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, former President of the French Republic, the big gold plaque the "Lords of The Art" c / o Association INTER-ARTS, ON A.SO, 'Josy was also a member of jury at competitive exhibitions, guest of honor, A. SO ON in Europe and beyond.

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